ADC Drug GQ1010, Co-Developed by Tyligand Bioscience and GeneQuantum Healthcare, was licensed to Pyridmid Biosciences, with upfront and milestone payment up to $ 1 billion

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[Suzhou, China] April 18, 2023, GeneQuantum Healthcare, a leader in the development of innovative ADC biopharmaceuticals, dedicated to revolutionary bioconjugation technology, held a "Major Business Cooperation Signing Ceremony." The event was attended by leaders from Suzhou City, Wuzhong District, Wuzhong Economic and Technological Development Zone, relevant partners, and industry guests. During the event, GeneQuantum Healthcare's innovative preclinical-stage product, GQ1010, and Pyramid Biosciences from the United States reached a significant licensing agreement. According to the agreement, GeneQuantum Healthcare granted Pyramid exclusive rights to develop and commercialize GQ1010 globally outside the Greater China region. In return, Pyramid will pay a 20 million USD upfront payment and additional milestone payments totaling 1 billion USD. GeneQuantum Healthcare will also be eligible for tiered royalties ranging from single-digit to low double-digit percentages based on net sales.

GQ1010 is a potential best-in-class TROP2 ADC that utilizes GeneQuantum Healthcare's unique site-specific conjugation technology in combination with innovative payloads developed jointly with Tyligand Bioscience. This combination enhances the stability, safety, and efficacy of ADCs, primarily targeting NSCLC, TNBC, and other solid tumors. Compared to existing TROP2 ADCs worldwide, GQ1010 demonstrates highly differentiated preclinical characteristics, with the potential to translate into a broader therapeutic window and stronger efficacy. The compound has entered the IND stage of development and is expected to commence clinical trials within the next 12 months.

The novel payload utilized in this transaction's GQ1010 is jointly developed by Tyligand Bioscience and GeneQuantum Healthcare. It is a newly patented molecule with higher anti-tumor potency and improved penetrability, showcasing broad development potential. Tyligand Bioscience looks forward to utilizing this platform for the development of XDC drugs targeting various other targets, thereby benefiting a wide range of cancer patients.

About Tyligand Bioscience:
Founded in 2018, Tyligand Bioscience is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of cancer therapeutics to address drug resistant tumors. Leveraging deep insights into the chemistry of biomolecule phosphorylation, the company has efficiently built a differentiated pipeline and technology platforms including 1st-in-class Dual Action Tumor Immune Agonist (DATIA®) assets and a novel platform for ADC payload design and development. Please visit for more information:

About GeneQuantum Healthcare:
GeneQuantum Healthcare (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech company dedicated to the development of novel First-in-Class and Best-in-Class biological drugs, the pioneer in leveraging enzymatic site-specific conjugation technology to develop ADC drugs. GeneQuantum has established a complete and underlying technology system iLDC® and iGDC®, which can deliver a whole process solution for various conjugated drugs from molecular design to commercial production. Multiple innovative and clinical ADC varieties have been successfully developed based on this technology platform. ADCs developed with GeneQuantum's conjugation technology have iterative advantages in process quality and metabolic stability. Moreover, the seamless integration between intelligent conjugation process and antibody process greatly reduces the overall commercial production cost. GeneQuantum is committed to "enabling" the development of various bioconjugate drugs in the world and establishing industry ecosystem and win-win cooperation. Please visit for more information: