Our Values


Respect for people is at the core of our values. We are committed to providing a nourishing environment for employees to discover their passions, unleash their creativities and realize their full potentials.


Integrity is the foundation for a scientific enterprise and the most basic requirement for Tyligand team members. We believe success will only come if we insist on seeking the truth.


Innovation is not only our core competency but also the reason for our being. We believe that every problem plaguing the humanity has a solution(s) to be discovered and developed.  We strive to build a win-win platform for the open minded and the persistent scientists to connect, challenge each other, test hypotheses and co-create answers that matter.


We will always bear in mind the responsibilities that come with the power of science in our hands, and the commitments made to our families, coworkers, investors, partners, patients, the environment and the society.